1/2" NPT 110V AC Brass Electric Solenoid Valve Gas Water Air NBR NC 110VAC


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    1/2" NPT 110V AC Brass Electric Solenoid Valve Gas Water Air NBR NC 110VAC

    45.70 31.99
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    • 1. Compact Size, Easy to Assemble and Disassemble. Only 25 Psi Can Start the Valve, Which is Easy to Operate.
    • 2. This Single Control Solenoid Valves Has High Precision Internal Pilot Head, Sliding Column Structure, Good Sealing, and Responsive. Up to 5 Times/second Response Speed, Suitable for a Wide Range Of, Responsive, Smooth Work, High-speed Use Without Jam. High Precision Stem Fit Degree is High Air Tightness.
    • 3. This Valve's Body is Made of Solid Brass (very Corrosion Resistant Material). Safe and Reliable to Use. The Inner Hole is Machined by a Special Process, Low Frictional Resistance, Low Starting Air Pressure, and Long Service Life.
    • 4. Please Pay Attention to the Direction of Gas Flow and the Correct Connection when Installing. Pay Attention to Dustproof.
    • 5. Widely, Informs the Control of the Flow of Various Types of Fluids As Air, Water, Mud, Liquid Metals, Etc.


    Port Size 1/2" NPT
    Flow Aperture 16 mm
    Body Material Brass
    Gasket / Diaphragm / Seal NBR
    Rated voltage AC 110V, ± 10%
    Current 0.200 A
    Power rating Max 22 W
    Operation Type Semi-Direct Lift Valve
    Operation Mode Normally Closed
    Operational pressure range 0-1Mpa( 0-145Psi)
    Air, Water, Natural Gases 0 to 101 PSI (0-7 Bar)
    Oil 0 to 72 PSI (0-5 Bar)
    Flow capacity 7.6 gallons per minute (GPM) of water at 60oF with a pressure drop of 1 PSI
    Flow value 7.6 Cv
    Minimum operational temperature 23 degrees Fahrenheit (-5 degrees Celsius)
    Maximum operational temperature 176 degrees Fahrenheit (80 degrees Celsius)
    Suitable Media Air, water, non-corrosive oils, etc.
    Quality assurance CE Certified


    • The series valve is a two-way solenoid valve that has 2 ports from which fluid flows from/to. These valves open/close with the assistance of applied pressure from the working fluid. The valves require pressure to open/close because there is a high-powered spring, which enables higher maximum operating pressures than zero-pressure solenoid valves.
    • Available in a durable body/seal material of industrial grade brass/NBR. Brass/NBR valves are suitable for hot or cold water, natural gases, air, very low viscosity fluids (< 20 CST), and non-corrosive oils. Due to the chemical composition of brass, this valve should NOT be used with projects involving drinking water or other water projects.
    • The solenoid valves have a rating of IP65, which means they can withstand spray from the water. However, if permanently installed outdoors, it is recommended that you enclose the valves in some protective housing. Not for use underwater.
    • This highly responsive valve will open and close in less than 1 second when actuated; meaning it will open or close the flow instantaneously when energized or de-energized. Also, the life cycle of this valve is well over a million cycles with proper operating conditions and maintenance.
    • Customers chose this general-purpose valve for do-it-yourself projects, moderate temperature applications, harsh chemicals, flow control for irrigation systems, reverse osmosis systems or to control the flow of propane gas. This solenoid valve serves as an excellent propane regulator.
    • PLEASE NOTE: This valve is NOT a continuous duty valve and should NOT be in continuous use for more than 8 hours in a single cycle; to do so will shorten the life of the valve and may cause the core of the valve to burn out.


    • 1. Pay Attention to Check Whether the Components Are Damaged During Transportation Before Use, and then Install and Use.
    • 2. Please Pay Attention To Whether The Installation Conditions Meet The Technical Requirements (such As Voltage, Working Pressure, Temperature Range, Etc.), And Then Install And Use.
    • 3. Try To Avoid Using Products In a Vibration Environment, And Pay Attention To Anti-freezing Measures In Low-Temperature Environments.
    • 4. When Connecting The Pipe, Pay Attention To The Teflon Tape Winding Should Not Exceed The Tooth End Of The Fitting. Pay Attention To The Dust And Other Impurities In The Fitting To Avoid Impurities Entering The Valve Body.
    • 5. Dust Prevention When Not In Use, And Dust Prevention In Intake Port And Vent Port When Not In Use.
    • When The Whole Machine Is Adjusted, It Is Recommended To Adjust With a Manual Device First, And Then Conduct Power-on Debugging.