7" 1400W Car Polisher Polishing Machine Kit Buffer Sander 8 Variable Speed Pads


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    7" 1400W Car Polisher Polishing Machine Kit Buffer Sander 8 Variable Speed Pads

    78.56 54.99
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    Power: 1400 Watt output
    Rated Voltage: 110 V / 60 Hz
    Current Intensity: 12.7Amp
    Max. wheel diameter: 180mm(7 inches)
    Part Diameter:80MM (3 inches)
    Output Axis Diameter: 14mm/0.55inch
    No load variable speed: 500-3000R/min (grade 1: 600rpm ; grade 2: 1000rpm; grade 3: 1600rpm; grade 4-5: 2200rpm; grade 6-7: 2900rpm; grade 8: 3600rpm)
    Usage for reference: 600rpm-1500rpm for car waxing&ceramic coating, 2500rpm-3600rpm for car polishing
    Package: 1xPolisher Machine,1x"D" Handle, 1x Side Handle,1xWool Foam,1x Pad,2xScrews,1xAllen wrench,2xCarbon brush


    • POWERFUL & DURABLE: A 7-inch variable speed polisher that uses a 1,400-Watt pure copper motor, is made with a die-cast aluminum head. The rotary polisher features durable anti-impact ABS housing and a powerful motor with heat-treated precision-cut gears. Our car polisher machine is strong and durable enough to withstand heavy and long-term use.
    • VARIABLE SPEED BUFFER: 8-speed settings of orbital buffer allow you to vary the speed from 500 rpm to 3000 rpm (grade 1: 600rpm; grade 2: 1000rpm; grade 3: 1600rpm; grade 4-5: 2200rpm; grade 6-7: 2900rpm; grade 8: 3600rpm). Using constant power and constant speed technology, ensure stable output. You could control the speed based on the intensity of the polishing job or how deep the polishing materials are to move into the car.
    • ALL FOR SAFETY: the long thick copper wire with and lock switch guarantees stability to use. A soft start (added as a safety feature) is used to gently allow the polisher or buffer to run quickly. The car buffers and polishers will progressively move their speed to a proper preset option based on what you chose on the speed dial. The carbon brush light tells you when to replace the carbon brush.
    • EASY POLISHING OR BUFFING: A polisher machine for a car with a new ergonomic detachable front handle features a "D¡± style and side straight handles. Conveniently match more working angles. The handle-wrapping silicone material ensures low vibration and smooth work. The 7-inch Loop Backing Plate is wrapped in soft PU material to make the polishing more uniform.
    • Precise 14mm Thread: The M14 thread type is suitable for most countries. The output shaft has been quenched at high temperatures to make it more durable
    • Car Polishing: If equipped with a PU soft rubber & the speed set to 600-2000RPM, the polisher can ensure a closer fit to the surface during operation and make the polishing more uniform, which can be used for car polishing and waxing.
    • Surface Treatment of Stone: 1400W high-power pure copper motor can provide mighty power, compact internal structure, and excellent protection system to maintain heavy use for a long time. The speed is set to 2000-3000 RPM, which can be used for the surface treatment of stone and other heavy processing.
    • Furniture/Wood Polishing: Various styles of polishing heads and two styles of interchangeable handles can fully adapt to different operating items. Speed setting 2400-3000RPM for furniture or wood polishing.
    • Glass Cleaning and Polishing: High-precision internal gear structure and constant power & speed function make the output uniform and stable with almost no vibration. The speed is set to 600-1000RPM, which can be used for the surface treatment of fragile objects.
    • High-Quality Velcro Design: The grinding disc can be directly attached to the Velcro sticker for quick and convenient installation.
    • IDEAL FOR - this tool is compatible with any type of vehicle and reappears the shine of your car. It is also ideal for boats, motorcycles, marble, and floors. Designed for car polishing, sanding, waxing, sealing glaze, polishing home appliances and furniture, as well as adding brightness to glass. Applied for glazes, sealants, and wax. It is ideal for removing deep paint scratches, swirls, and oxidation.


    • After turning on the power, press the trigger and the machine starts slowly. The pulley on the handle can help you adjust the speed accurately. Speed Configuration
    • The speed adjustment pulley is set to 6 gears. The first gear is 600RPM, the second gear is 1000RPM, the third gear is 1400RPM, the fourth gear is 2000RPM, the fifth gear is 2400RPM, and the sixth gear is 3000RPM. Because the function of constant power & speed is added, all gear speeds are fixed values, and will not change due to other factors during use.