2 Axis Digital Readout with 2pcs Precision Linear Scale Travel for Milling Lathe Machine

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Basic functions
1:zero clearing
3:mm/inch mode
4:ABS/INC coordinate conversion
5: 200sets sub datum
6:power off Memory;
7:center of1/2
8:liner error compensation
9:sleepping mode
10:Clear 200 sets Sdm datum;
11:ABS/INC mode
13:drilling of circumference
14:drilling of oblique line
15:machining of inclined plane
16:machining of circular arc
17:lathe function(match)
18:Rectangular lumen gradual processing
19:digital filtering
20.R function
21 R/D function 21.Radius/Diameter function (lathe machine )
22.Z+Y sum (lathe machine)

In total ,it is a mutlifunctional 2 axis DRO can be use on lathe machine, mill machine and other machines.

Item description:
1.This item Includes 1pc 2 Axis DRO Digital Readout + 2pc Scales, we have 100mm 150mm 200mm 250mm 300mm 350mm 400mm 450mm 500mm 550mm 600mm 650mm 700mm 750mm 800mm 850mm 900mm 950mm 1000mm scales, please make sure these sizes just are what you need before buying. please leave note to us which size you need, thanks! Scale length above refers to the real travel of the linear scale. Actual physical length is 141mm longer than travel. That is total length=travel length+141mm.One inch equals to 25.4mm.

2. Note: Now we have 100mm 150mm 200mm 250mm 300mm 350mm 400mm 450mm 500mm 550mm 600mm 650mm 700mm 750mm 800mm 850mm 900mm 950mm 1000mm scales in stock, please leave us note which two size scales you need, or we will send you 1pc 500mm+1pc1000mm scales by default if you don't leave us any note.

Item description:
1.This order includes 2 pieces 5 micron linear scale and 1 pieces 2 axis DRO .It is compete dro kits with parts for mounting. The linear scale must choose from 50-1000mm travel length

DRO description: The digital readout(DRO) in GCS series which produced by our company is a high precision instrument that can be used on lathe, grinding machine, milling machine, boring machine and EMD TO make the position detection.

Technical parameters:
1.Voltage Range: AC 85V~260V/50HZ~60HZ
2.Power Consumption: 25VA
3.Coordinates: 1/2/3/4
4.Display: 8 digits display
5.Input Signal: TTL square wave EIA-442
6.Input Signal frequency: 100KHZ
7.Length resolution: 5um
8.Operation Keyboard: pressure sensitive key pad

Linear Glass Scales Features
1.High Precision linear scale
2.Resolution : 5um (0.005mm) 0.0002 "
3.Signal : TTL square /wave EIA-442
4.Grating pitch: 0.02mm (50LP/min)
5.Accuracy: +/-0.005 mm or 0.0002" (at 20 deg C)
6.Reference marks at interval of 50mm
7.Response Speed: 60m/min or 40ins/sec
8.Cable length: 3 Meter

Package include:
This is a complete kit. You just need to hook the readout system to your machine.It includes one 2 Axis DRO, two scales (each with 3 m cable, longer cables are available), protective covers, brackets, etc, an english manual and all the accessories for installation.

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