What Home Alarm System Should I Buy?

A PSTN Alarm System, Or WIFI GSM GPRS Security System?
September 27, 2023

What home alarm system should I buy, a PSTN alarm system, or WIFI GSM GPRS security system? Let’s discuss the advantages and shortages of the two kinds of alarm systems first. You will know the answer later.

1.Advantages of PSTN alarm system:
a. One obvious advantage is the price. PSTN alarm is cheaper than the WIFI GSM GPRS security system in the market.
b.Less spend is another advantage. PSTN alarm doesn’t need an extra SIM card to work. A phone line can make it work. So there is no extra monthly fee arising from the SIM card.
c.Setting easy is the third advantage. Let me give you an example to explain it. Here is a PSTN alarm system from iMeshbean. We have introduced a PSTN alarm system in detail. It is very easy to install and set the alarm system.

2.Shortages of PSTN alarm system:
In the early days, a phone line is the best and most widespread communication network. But the shortages retard its development.
a. Every coin has two sides. The phone line is the advantage, but it is also a disadvantage. Because both sides of communication need a real line to connect them, a PSTN alarm system is not universal for the online system.
b.Another shortage is the loading performance of the PSTN system. Less loading information and slow loading speed also impede development.
c.Due to a more advanced alarm system. Those advanced alarm systems have more functions that the PSTN alarm system doesn’t have. So Less function is its third shortage.

3.Advantages of WIFI GSM GPRS security system
a. The first advantage is WIFI + GSM + GPRS working mode. You can connect the alarm system with WIFI and GSM Sim Card to work. And when the alarm system is triggered, it will push the alarm message to the APP via WIFI. And if the WIFI failure, it will change GSM/GPRS mode auto-dial out.
b.Android + IOS APP application easily controls; Easy to give authorization. You can control the system via your Phone, it will make your life easier and convenient.
c.It can work with an IP camera. You can real-time monitor your home, and see your family and talk with them on your phone or laptop.

4.Shortages of WIFI GSM GPRS security system
a.If you connect the security system with GSM/GPRS modem, you will need a SIM card first. The SIM card will cost you a monthly fee. So in this way, the spending is much higher.
b.For those who are not familiar with the smartphone or Wifi network, it will be a little hard for them to set the system.

You must have a deeper understanding of the PSTN alarm system and WIFI GSM GPRS security system now. Every home alarm system has its advantage and shortage. You can choose the one that can meet your needs. Whatever you choose, I believe it can work well for you. If you don’t have enough budget, the PSTN alarm system is a good choice. If your budget is enough, a WIFI GSM GPRS security system will be your good assistant. I would like to recommend this WIFI GSM GPRS alarm system from iMeshbean. I hope that can help you.

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