WiFi G90B GSM GPRS Home Security Alert System + Wireless HD IP Camera

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Package including:
1 x GS90B panel (433MHz,without sim card and router,with original box)
4 x Wireless pir motion sensor
4x Wireless door/window sensor
3 x Remote control
1 x wired siren
1x IP Camera
1 x Power adapter
1 x English user manual


We notice many users require system remind them close the doors or windows when they go away the house.And now our company design a new door sensor (D07) for this alarm system which one can remind users close the door/window when they outside.When user arm the system and the doors/windows install this door sensor are opening,the alarm screen will show "xx zone error" and users' phone will get the message.


Question & Answer:

Q: Can this alarm system work with WIFI and GSM Sim Card together So if the WIFI failure,G90B can switch GSM/GPRS mode to work.
A:Yes. User can connect alarm system with WIFI and GSM Sim Card to work. And when G90B Alarm System be triggered, it will push alarm message to the APP via WIFI. And if the WIFI failure, G90B will change GSM/GPRS mode auto Dial Out.

Q: It just with WIFI in my house and without GSM Sim Card,can I use this alarm system
A: Yes. G90B Alarm System can work in WIFI mode only.

Q: Can I add additional remote controllers, door sensors, pir sensors, smoke detectors, gas detectors or other sensors to work with this alarm system
A: Yes. G90B alarm system can work up to 100 wireless sensors and 4 Wired Sensors and wireless Siren, unlimited Wifi Camera.

Q: Does the alarm panel with backup battery
A: Yes.G90B alarm system with internal rechargeable backup battery. It can support G90B work when AC Adapt is cut.

Main Function And Feature:
1. WIFI + GSM + GPRS word menu home alarm system
2. Android + IOS APP application easily control, Easy to give authorization. The first one Scanning QR code in the APP page will become the administrator
3. Notification push when there is no WIFI, the host will push via GPRS
4. Work with IP camera. The IP camera APP embeds in the host APP. You can view the IP camera by phone.
5. Workable with RFID wireless keypad, support doorbell function
6. Zone names can be revised by users
7. Relay usages name can be revised by users
8. Independent zone. Every zone can be set be independent zone, which can only disarm by administrator's APP, The feature is fit for finance office.
9. Leaving message remotely in APP or host. 1) When leaving message in APP, such as: I will go home late, don't wait for me. Next the message is automatically mapping to the host. Users will see the light to reminder.
2) When long press the "record" button for 3 sec in the host panel, will start a new memo, and automatically mapping to the APP end. Slightly press "record" will play the new message.
10. Information push promptly when AC power lost or recovered or detectors in low voltage
11. Build-in wireless transmitter, can control 4 wireless relay outputs and wireless sound & strobe siren.
12. 96 wireless zones+4 wired defense zones+4 wired relay, Can store 6 alarm call phone No.
13. Wireless encoding between host and detectors, innumerable detectors for each wireless zone
14. Arm/alarm Delay for each defense zone. Timed arm/disarm function
15. 10-second voice message recording
16. Support Monitoring and two-way intercom function.
17. The host can be used as a hand-free phone.

Item Specification:
1. Home Alarm System Main Pancel(Including Back-Up Battery and built-in siren)
Wireless Frequency: 433(MHz)
Built-in siren(70dB/m)
Standby Current: less than 35mA
Alarm Current:less than 120mA
GSM transmission power: 2W
WIFI Frequency: 2.4G, built-in wireless internet protocol IEE802.11b/g and TCP/IP protocol stack
WIFI receiving sensitivity: -86dbm; Emitting power: 18dbm
Input:AC100-240V, Output:DC12V-1A
Control Range:250-500 Ft(in open area)
Working Temperature: -15 55 5 F~130 F); Humidity:Less than 90%

2. Built-in Antenna Motion PIR Infrared Detector(with DC9V Battery Included)
Wireless Frequency: 433MHz
Standby Current: less than 12uA, Alarm Current:less than 15mA
Operation Temp: -10C~50C;Humidity less than 90%
Installation Height: About 2M. Installation Angel:About 60~110
Detecting Distance: 5-8M
Transmissons Time more than 1s
Transmit Distantce:Outdoor 100M(no obsctale), Indoor:10~15M
Dimension:105mm*60mm*40mm(about 110g)

3. Door / Windor Sensor(with DC12V Battery Included)
Wireless Frequency: 433MHz
This door sensor no 2-way-communicate function.
Operation Current:8~15mA, Quiescent Current:3uA
Operation Temp: -10C~50C;Humidity less than 90%
Installation: less than 15mm between 2 parts.
Transmit Distantce:Outdoor 100M(no obsctale),Indoor:10M
Dimension:71mm*36mm*15mm(about 50g)

4. Built-in Antenna Remote Control(with DC12V Battery Included)
Wireless Ferquency: 433MHz
Operation Current:10MA ,
Sending Distantce:Outdoor 80~100M(no obsctale), Indoor:8~10M
Operation Temp: -10 C~50 C;Humidity less than 90%
Dimension:58mm*37mm*14mm(about 35g)

5. Wired Siren
Wired connect to Main Panel
Operation Temp: -10C~50C;Humidity: less than 90%
Dimension:D55mm*H55(about 75g)

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