Marine RV Boat P30-504 Eel 50A-125/250V Female To 30A-125V Male Pigtail Adapter

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1. The EEL (Easily Engaged Lock) ShorePower Pigtail Adapter has the same jaw-clamp design as the EEL ShorePower Cordsets and offers a secure, waterproof seal.
2. This pigtail converts 30A shore power service to 50A shore power cords (note: it will not increase the amperage to your boat).
3. A built in light in the center of the female (boat side) plug makes connecting to shore power at night easy.
4. LED power indicator lights at both ends confirm that power is running through the cord and serve as an alert that the cord is plugged into the shore side power source.
5. Because these pigtails feature the EEL jaw-clamp design, they can be used in wet environments. Included sealing collar provides watertight seal when connecting cables together.

These new EEL pigtail adapters have all the features of the EEL ShorePower Series cordsets but are a shorter version and include sealing collars. Recommended for use in wet locations. Pigtail adapters allow you to connect from one dockside receptacle (or other power source receptacle) to one boatside inlet or equipment of dissimilar power configuration.

Boat side--Female Connector: Attaches to boat inlet or cordset 50A-125/250V Locking w/ Sealing Collar System,

Dock side--Male Plug: Attaches to dockside receptacle or cordset 30A-125V Locking

Key Features:
* Single-handed operation with secondary locking feature
* Built-in cord light for added safety; alert light indicates if you are plugged into the dock and cord is powered
* Power indicator light on both ends informs you full power is flowing through the cord
* Included sealing collar creates a weatherproof seal when joining cables together
* Meets and exceeds rigorous UL testing standards
* One-year warranty

* Connections: 30 Amp 125V Locking Male Plug to 50 Amp 125/250V Locking Female End with sealing collar
* Amperage: 30A
* Voltage: 125V
* Cable Size: 10AWG
* Conductors: 3
* Material: PVC jacket, nylon plug bodies, nickel-plated brass contacts
* Overall Length: 18"

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