36 Volt Battery Charger Golf Cart 36V Charger For Ez Go Club Car DS EZgo TXT

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Fits all 36 Volt Cart Systems with Crows Foot Connector

This is a small automatic battery charger. This charger is for the those cart operators that run their carts during the day and can put them up on charge for all night charging. The slow trickle charge is best for your battery pack. The charger is so light and compact you can carry it with you and charge anywhere and anytime. This charger will run on any 110 - 240 volt / 60 hz outlet ( common household outlets ).

To charge a normal golf cart could take approximately 12 to 14 hours of charge time. Trickle charging lead acid batteries will prolong your battery life and runs super quietly and cool.

Unplug the charger if it hasn't automatically shutoff in 14 hours:

The charger is designed to turn off when the voltage of the battery pack reaches a certain level. I have found that some battery packs don't always reach the required trigger voltage and the charger remains on in a trickle charge mode.

If this happens, unplug the charger from the wall outlet, your cart should be fully charged. Most of the times after the charger has completed a few charge cycles the charger will begin to operate automatically.

The charger operating in the manual mode will not harm your battery pack, you will just have to manually disconnect the charger after the required charge time of not more than 14 hours.

Note: please check yours' battery capacity doesn't exceed 36AH

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